Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts: For Those Who Want an Edgy Look

by James Barret
Asymmetrical Haircut

Are you looking for a haircut that is edgy and bold? Something that will match your fashion-forward style? Have you considered an asymmetrical bob?

Asymmetrical haircuts are perfect for those who want a look an avant-garde look that will set them apart from the crowd. And you can choose from many looks, from asymmetrical bob with bangs to those with no bangs. Keep reading to find out why this look is such a hit with the fashion-forward crowd!

What Is An Asymmetrical Bob?

An asymmetrical bob is one that is typically longer one side than the other. The difference may be subtle as in just a few inches. Or one side may be drastically longer than the other. One side could even be buzzed or shaved. There are many options for asymmetrical bob haircuts. You will certainly be able to find one that helps you express your inner badass!

With this style, you can opt for baby bangs, longer eye-framing fringe, side bangs or even no bangs The choice is yours, Read on to find out why asymmetrical haircuts are so popular as well as some styling tips for asymmetrical hairstyles.

Reasons to Get an Asymmetrical Haircut

  1. Not sure if you prefer long or short hair? Well, why not have the best of both worlds? An asymmetrical cut can be chin-length to mid-length or even longer one side while drastically shorter or even buzzed or shaved on the other!
  2. Asymmetrical haircuts are an ideal solution to add body and texture to thin or fine hair. Your hair will have more volume and you can still pull the other side back if you want it off your face.
  3. Asymmetrical cuts look great on any style of hair from poker straight to wavy to super curly!
  4. An asymmetrical haircut is a fun way to experiment with hair color. You can go for a subtle balayage blend to soft highlights to a bold ombre fade.

Styling Tips for Asymmetrical Hairstyles

  1. With this type of hairstyle, it is best to have your haircut when dry. Having it cut when wet, especially if you have curly or wavy hair. As hair looks longer when it’s wet, you could easily end up with one side being much shorter than you had planned.
  2. Tucking your hair behind one ear will help draw attention to the difference in the lengths of the two sides. Especially if you tuck one side behind your ear and let the other fall seductively over your eye on the other side.
  3. Opt for a deep side part for a more dramatic look for your asymmetrical haircut. Tuck your hair behind one ear and use a hair clip to add some bling!
  4. Razored ends give your asymmetrical haircut even more of a bold and daring edge!
  5. Shaved or buzzed sides will make this look stand out even more! Add a hair tattoo to the shorter side to make it pop!

Whether you wear your hair straight and sleek or curly and loose, you will totally be able to rock your asymmetrical bob haircut!

Add some color to make it stand out even more! But you need to insure that you cut your hair regularly so you keep your hairstyle for a long time. visit to know how to use the hair clippers.

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