Preference for Military-inspired Garments

by Phume Mdluli
Military-inspired Garments

Every individual has their preference in choosing the best thing that suits their taste due to the variety of personality through various experiences. Therefore, in the taste for fashion sense also differs, one would prefer the more artsy or vintage style of clothes rather than the trendy ones. Nevertheless, this article would discuss why individuals prefer a military-inspired garment and the clothes they got their inspiration from. WTAPS is an example of a garment store that has its product conceptualization is based on military uniforms.

Reasons for Preference

There are a lot of possible reasons for someone to preferably choose a military-inspired garment, but here are the most prominent reasons according to a study made:

  • Culture

It is a great factor that affects a person’s preference because there are people who would not choose a certain fashion style because they avoid getting judged by other individuals. Moreover, other people choose to defy what is known as normal to show that being different is not a threat to everyone.

  • Influence

Family, friends, and popular personalities affect every individual’s judgment in their deliberation of choosing the best that would suit their taste.

  • Trends

There are seasonal trends in fashion, which greatly impacts individuals due to the desire to feel belonging to the group they are included in.

  • Symbol

Some preferred styles of individuals are based on the message that they want to convey. It could be greatly exemplified through the clothes they are wearing because they could mark and leave a statement to widen the perspective of everyone through it.

  • Experience

It connects all the mentioned factors based on what happened and encountered within someone’s life. Also, it is the one that builds up the personality of an individual, which impacts their taste in style.

Source of Inspiration

Artists’ conceptualization of design requires them to envision the kind of style they would produce. Brands like WTAPS enlist this method as well. It is also important to know that inspiration is the one that ignites designers to produce new creative ideas, so here are some of the military uniforms that they have gotten their inspiration:

  • Khakiis a dull brownish-yellow colour that is used by armies for their uniform from all around the world; they mostly use strong cotton textile fabric in the military in its creation.
  • Camouflage is a military pattern used by the military to conceal themselves and their equipment from the enemies they face in a war; it makes them blend with their surroundings, making them unnoticeable.
  • Chino is a pair of pants used by military personnel, which Sir Harry Lumsden developed during the mid-19th century for British and French forces.
  • Flight Jackets were purposively made for pilots, tightly gathered by elasticated bands at the waist and cuffs and a zip front.
  • Cargo pants or combat pants were made as military workwear that is loose-fitting casual slacks with large parch pockets on its thighs.
  • M-1965 Field Jacket was made for the U.S. military, known to be a straight front, cold weather, and field coat made out of water-repellent fabrics.
  • Fishtail Parka is a military coat that has a ripped rim on its back part.

To sum it up, learning the original purpose of the military-inspired clothes that prevails today is astonishing. They gave us an idea of how they became significant in the history of human civilization.

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