9 Types of Men’s Casual Belts That You Can Choose From

by Phume Mdluli
Men’s Casual Belts

Belts are fantastic and provide both functionality and style. Although it seems like a peripheral accessory, it can have an incredible impact on the impression you make. It is a piece that pulls an outfit together. When worn the wrong way, it can become a distraction that can sabotage a stylish look.

Some men may be clueless about belts and only think of them as accessories around their waist. This article discusses the different types of men’s casual belts and how to wear them.

  1. Leather

Leather belts are full grain. These belts are broad, tough, and stiff. It is typically made from the outer layers of the hide of a cow. Some will even include the marks, scars, and branding the cow acquired during its life.

A few leather belts are made with a snapped loop that can accommodate different belt buckles making it a customisable piece. These pieces are ideal for men who enjoy collecting and showing off different belt buckles.

  1. Braided leather

These types of belts use frame-style buckles to make adjustable belts. It is possible to place the prong in any hole on the braid. Braided belts are an ideal option when you want to keep things simple and inconspicuous. They have a bit of structure without making a strong statement.

Braided leather is best for men’s casual belts and should never be worn with suits. It looks great with sports jackets.

Multicoloured braided belts have casual appeal and are typically worn with summer ensembles for a preppy look. You can wear them with khaki shorts, boaters, and light polo.

  1. Tooled leather

These belts are decorated via tooling. It is a process that leaves stamped designs on the surface of the leather and then stained to make the patterns stand out. A majority of these pieces are designed for interchangeable buckles.

Tooled belts are incredible with simpler outfits such as jeans and basic button-down shirts. Since they tend to be visually busy pieces on their own, the look can start to get complicated if you pair them with other patterns and textures.

  1. Suede

These are typically utilised for casual belts. It is less durable compared to leather. But it usually has a full-grain leather support backing for additional strength.

  1. Leatherback ribbon

It is a casual material that allows you to make a statement with bright colours and bold motifs. They are typically paired with a frame buckle. The leather-backed ribbon is ideal for sailing, golf and boat shoe outfit.

  1. Canvas

This material is a staple of uniforms of the Army as well as Boy Scouts. Canvas belts utilising metal buckles have a plain and functional style. A majority have a flat box buckle that contains a sliding peg and pins the strap firmly in place at the desired position.

Typical styles of canvas belts are monochrome and monochrome, with a single contrasting stripe running horizontally on the middle area of the belt. Both of these styles have been in men’s casual outfits in the current century.

  1. Webbing

It is another functional material that is ideal for outdoor pursuits. It is designed in fun colours and patterns, and most of them come with a D-ring buckle.

  1. Rope

Rope belts are typically a woman’s fashion piece, but they can be worn by men in nautical circles. It is often fastened with a knot and loop. It gives off a preppy vibe. These belts are durable and easy to clean and can take soaking in water better than leather.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl is colourful as well as bold. It is a young man’s style and can look tacky when worn by older men.

Should you wear a belt as an accent piece or a centrepiece?

A top consideration when wearing a casual belt is whether you want it to be a centrepiece or simply an accent. An accent piece is a subtle, unobtrusive accessory to the rest of your outfit. It is usually in coordinating colours.

However, a centrepiece demands attention and must contrast with the rest of your outfit. Although dress belts are typically always accent pieces, when it comes to casual belts, they can either be accent or centrepiece accessories.

Overall, there is nothing wrong with either approach. But keep in mind to dress appropriately for the effect you want.

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