This is why I’m broke-An affiliate site and its alternatives

by Phume Mdluli
This is why I’m broke

A creative affiliate site

If you are interested in affiliate marketing then an example of a creative affiliate site can be inspirational. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the best international affiliate sites, “This is why I’m broke”. You will definitely want to know the reason behind the success of this affiliate.

The site is a digital shopping mall that offers best deals and discount on a daily basis. It has cool things to buy and various categories of products for girls, for men, for couples, and for animals as well. The interface of this site is quite understandable and impressive. The website is like a magazine that contains cool stuff for online window shopping. This site is basically an Amazon affiliate site. All the products on the site refer to Amazon. This website gives an insight into all the cool stuff on Amazon. You can find very cool things on Amazon.

From Amazon, This is why I’m broke daily collects amusing products, adds some funny text, and places them on its site. It offers cool things to buy on Amazon.

Some products that the website promotes

You can see some pictures of the products below that are available on this website.

The first one is an Indoor Smokeless BBQ Grill. Having this grill, you will be able to prepare anything from salmon to delicious grilled juicy veggies.


Then next is the picture of Modular Raised Garden Bed that beautifies your backyard. These flower beds are moisture-resistant and are available in different shapes and heights.


The third one is the Transformer 4GB USB Drive that holds small data of 4 gigs. It is kind a USB Drive that has a shape like a transformer.


The fourth one is a Galaxy Opal. When you see the Galaxy Opal you feel disconnected from the real world. It displays a plethora of colors that provide a view of galaxies.


At the end of this content you can see some other products that are available on this website:

  • Dinner in The Sky
  • WAMM Master Chrono sonic Speakers
  • Lifesize Endgame Nano Gauntlet
  • Pushup Training System
  • 2D Black and White Drawing Café
  • Ultralight Teardrop Trailers
  • M007 Maverick Wallet
  • Personalized Wooden Pallet Photos.

Reasons behind the success of this affiliate site

1 Backlinks

The site gets many backlinks because many websites and blogs refer to the site for tips and inspiration.

2 Share

People use to share funny things. In this way, many new visitors visit the site.

3 Cross-sell

The website forwards all the visitors to Amazon who click on any product. A small group of people buys the products available on TIWIB. However, if someone clicks on the Amazon affiliate link and decides to buy something else in cookie time then “ThisiswhyImbroke” also receives a commission.

4 Returning visitors

This site has many returning visitors and a massive community. They continuously update the site. That is why the people come back to see the newly added products.

How does the site work?

This is why I’m broke is updated every next day with crazy things and kooky for its users. The website has things for everyone from toys, stuff for geeks, and wearables to food and drink, and a lot more. This is the website for seeking strangest products on the internet. It is a single-page website where you can scroll infinitely. You can see links on the top for the aforementioned categories while below the slideshow you can find ways to filter the items by newest, most popular, and pricing on both ends of the spectrum.

Top 10 “This is why I’m broke” alternatives

There are also some similar sites to “This is why I’m broke” where you can discover funny, cool, and useful items to buy. Below we present 15 best alternatives to “This is why I’m broke” where you can find stuff similar to TIWIB. Check them out.

ThinkGeek is an online retailer from America that caters to geeky groups. The site is an information center for the technology products lover. You can find here products like scientific and electronic gadgets, office toys, pet toys, child toys, computer peripherals, clothes, food and drinks, and a lot more. One can say that this site is dedicated to offering authentic, unique, and advanced level products that fuel the customer’s desire for shopping. It is one of the best platforms where one can fulfill his/her desire for being informed.

Great Things to Buy

Great Things to Buy is the other similar site to this is why I’m It offers diversified items and cool stuff for guys to buy. It is a new site in the field but doing well because it has made the process of finding authentic and unique products very simple. You can see the list of unique and fun products. It is not an independent website of the products it listing is.

It shows the products of Amazon as well. Its main objective is to make it easy for visitors either to buy directly from its portal or from the Amazon. It also contains the links of the platforms that sell the products you want to purchase. The best part of the website is that it provides the links of the products and platforms which are of the best quality and safer to use.

Take My

Take my paycheck is not a new arrival and it is the other similar website to thisiswhyIambroke. Its online portal is different in a sense that it gathers the discount and sales offers being made by the other online shopping portals. Rather it deals in its own designed products, it offers the other retailers’ products. It helps you in finding the best discounts and deals offered over the internet.

This online catalog with a wide range of items like gadgets, geeky things, gifts, electronic products, toys, and a lot more is one of the best alternatives to “This is why I’m broke”. As we mentioned above the site is not a direct seller rather it provides the links of the platforms like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and many others. Overall it is a perfect platform for shopping online. If you are looking for cool stuff to buy on Amazon then Take My will provide the information about that stuff and refer you to Amazon for buying that product.


Scroll. Am is the platform where you can find top-rated items of Amazon. It features a scrolling interface for the ease of the users. You can scroll the products you are looking for. To search for your desired product, you first need to select the category and then enter the keyword. Then click on the product to purchase. The site shows the products of Amazon and gets a commission for displaying its products. It provides fun things to buy on Amazon. One of its features is that Scroll. Am is not responsible for any payment, warranty, shipment, or return because Amazon itself deals in these services as per its policy. If you have no money, don’t worry you can enjoy window shopping here. is one of the unique gift websites. It is like a shopping magazine that offers quirky and cool gifts gathered from other online shopping portals. The gifts this site offers are at an economical price and are very cool items. The people who love to share their experiences with others are running this online shopping portal. It is a platform offering quirky, weird, and cool products over the internet.

It is also not a direct seller rather it gives the link of the websites that basically sell the products listing on its portal. It charges a commission to keep it sunning. doesn’t post the fake items but you are advised to be careful while purchasing.


The site provides most of its items under 20 dollars. The gift you are looking for, you can find at a subsidized price at this platform. It has a huge collection of items over the internet. You can explore the categories of food, products for men and women, cool, health and beauty, travel, outdoors, tech and much more.

You can see the description of the product having basic information by clicking on the product. The under dollar 20 price will also be mentioned near the picture. When the visitors click on the buy button, the site redirects them to the actual website from where you can get the product.


Five Star is the website that offers only those products of Amazon having a five-star rating. The products with high demand on Amazon have five-star ratings. The best thing about the site is that it makes this thing sure that you are buying top rated and top quality products from Amazon. Its main feature is its search system which is just like Google. There is a search bar at the main page that helps you search the product from Amazon faster. It doesn’t directly sell the products at its own. It promotes the products of Amazon and gets a commission in return.


Gadget G is the fine similar site to “This is why I’m broke”. You can find geeky and cool gadgets, pet accessories, home accessories, outdoor gear and a lot more. The site has better picture quality, simple interface and provides more information about the products. is the best platform to find new computer games, computers, software, antivirus, latest tips about the computer, online security and a lot more. This blog is developed by and for the computer geeks. It is one of the good alternatives to “This is why I’m broke”.Toppp

Toppp is very popular shopping website in the US. It is an Amazon-based shopping magazine. It has an objective to make the shopping process simple and easy for the users. It offers only those products of Amazon that are available at economical prices. It deals in the categories of children’s products, household, electronic items, toys, food, games, and a lot more.

Final Thought

In this article, we have discussed one of the best affiliate websites “This is why I’m broke” and its top 10 alternatives. As we mentioned earlier, this site is a digital shopping mall offering best deals and discounts on a daily basis. It has various categories of products for everyone. Its interface is quite simple. It is an Amazon affiliate site and gives an insight to into all the products that are sold on Amazon. We have also discussed its similar sites that have the same features. We have provided a description of its top 10 alternatives for your knowledge. To conclude one can say that “This is why I’m broke” is no doubt one of the best international affiliate sites that offer quality products to its visitors.

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