Lightsabers Rise in Popularity and The Complex Manufacturing Process

by James Barret

Lightsabers are increasing in their popularity for duels. In France, war ready beams are actually recognized as a sport by the French Fencing Federation. In fencing competitions, members use weapons, such as an epee, a foil and a saber. In a traditional fencing competition, the participants get points for touching each other with their weapon. Lightsaber competitions last for three minutes and the winner is whoever earns 15 points first. Points are allocated as five points for touching the head or body, three points for touching a leg or arm and one point for touching a hand. Lightsabers will continue to rise in popularity all over the world as a glowing and humming weapon of the Jedi’s nationwide.

How Are Lightsabers Made?

Lightsabers have a very complex manufacturing process that is based on the Star Wars movies. There are many components in a lightsaber to enable the humming and glowing as well as adjustments you can make to it. The lightsaber can be broken down into three distinct portions: the power assembly, crystal energy chamber and the emitter assembly.

The Power Assembly

At the center of the power assembly is a diatium power cell, which functions like a battery so that the Jedi doesn’t need to worry about losing power for the laser beam. It is surrounded by the power field conductor and the power vortex ring. The inert power insulator is on the outermost edges of the inside of the power assembly. The outside of the power assembly includes a handgrip attachment and a belt ring for carrying purposes.

The Crystal Energy Chamber

The middle section of the lightsaber is the crystal energy chamber, which gives it power to extend and use the blade. It has a primary crystal mount that holds the primary crystal in a color that will be the color of the blade. This is followed by the crystal chamber, a smaller focusing crystal activator and the focusing crystals.

The Emitter Assembly

The emitter assembly is the bottom most portion of a lightsaber that emits the light and sound for the blade. It starts with a blade energy channel in the center that is surrounded by cycling field energizers. Next are the energy modulation circuits and the blade arc tip. Then comes the ring tuning flange, the magnetic stabilizing ring and the blade emitter shroud or tip. On the outside of this third section closest to the tip of the lightsaber is your blade power adjustment and blade length adjustment dials.

You can now see what a complex item a lightsaber is and how it works. Fortunately for you, you can release your energy on the light side or the dark side with combat ready Ultrasabers.


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