CBD Tincture for Menstrual Cramps

by James Barret
CBD Tincture

CBD has been purported – with some scientific evidence – to do a great deal of good for people, helping them overcome certain mood problems, sleep issues, and physical pain. Indeed, while more research is needed, there is evidence to demonstrate the potential for CBD to help with many issues, including menstrual cramps.

How CBD Works?

CBD is a cannabinoid, one of the over one hundred types of cannabinoids that exist. It works by altering the function of your body’s Endocannabinoid System. Everyone has such a system, and your Endocannabinoid System is believed to impact a variety of physical and emotional sensations, including pain, sleep, mood, and more.

CBD does not actually bind directly with your body’s Endocannabinoid System. Instead, it seems that it alters the strength and functioning of the cannabinoids that your body produces, making them bind with your cannabinoid receptors for longer periods of time and lengthening that bond. This, in turn, makes the sensations produced by your body last for a longer period.

Why Could CBD help with Menstrual Cramps?

Menstrual cramps, of course, are a painful part of a woman’s reproductive cycle that is experienced by tens of millions of women every month. However, there is some evidence to suggest that CBD may help alleviate these cramps.

As noted above, there is evidence to suggest that CBD can help reduce pain, with many studies finding that CBD can reduce different kinds of pain and inflammation, which is related to a variety of types of pain – including menstrual pain. However, there is also some evidence to suggest that CBD can help with specific period pain.

The challenge in this area, like many CBD-related claims, is that there is a need for more research. Many studies have been conducted that specifically noted how CBD could reduce pain. However, there are no specific studies that have tied CBD to a reduction in pain from cramps. Given CBD’s potential ability to reduce pain over other areas, it does seem likely that CBD can help reduce pain when it comes to cramps.

You can take CBD for this in many forms, including a tincture or cream that you rub directly onto the area in pain. It is important to realize that CBD also comes in different doses. You can start with any dosage, including a 30 mg CBD tincture, and then see how it impacts your body.

As you can see, it does seem possible that CBD can help you reduce the pain caused by menstrual cramps. You should speak with your doctor before taking CBD, and you should not use CBD as a replacement for any medication.

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