Family Dentists – How Are They Different From Pediatric or General Dentists

by Phume Mdluli

Family dentistry is a branch of dentistry that revolves around treating the entire family from the parents to the children and in all stages of their life. The practice will provide an assortment of treatments and care for everyone under one roof, from infancy up to adult and detailed records are usually kept throughout all visits to see commonalities between family members. You can learn about the best way to take care of your oral health, on this website:

This is slightly different from other such experts such as the more common general dentist or pediatric dentists that you may have visited unknowingly. Below we take a sneak peek at how these three types are different from one another and why the family practice is the best choice for the entire household. Let’s look at the differences below.

Family Dentistry vs General or Pediatric Dentistry

Some of the leading providers of oral care include general dentists, they make over 80% of the dental industry, click here to read more about this fact. Some of them treat people of certain age groups while others are restricted in this sense. When compared to a family dentist, these professionals are licensed and experienced to treat the entire family no matter what age they are.

One of the main reasons why people choose to keep to a family dentist, especially those who have a few children is to be able to go to the same place, for a matter of convenience, and for the dentist, this helps as well in keeping track of a baby’s oral changes and care as they become an adult.

A Pediatric dentist, on the other hand, treat children that need specialized treatments such as serious oral issues and usually are limited to those under the age of 18. For family dentists, the treatment varies from babies to adults and this can be seen as different life stages which we explain below.

Life Stages of Dental Care

When they are Babies. Before babies start to receive their baby teeth, also known as the tooth eruption or dentition phase:, they are vulnerable to oral diseases such as tooth decay or cavities. Usually, the first tooth starts to pop out at 6 months of age and this is when parents need to start taking them to the dentist regularly to avoid any of these issues.

This is also the time that the baby’s oral care at home needs to begin by carefully cleaning their teeth and avoiding any sugary foods or foods that are bad for their teeth.

When they are in their early childhood stages. During this phase, the kids start to lose those baby teeth mentioned above and their permanent teeth start to grow. The responsibility of the kids and parents is to make sure proper oral care is maintained at home, and regular visits to the dentist are adhered to for a general check-up.

Dentists at holistic family dentist practices will explain to the child the routine for how proper oral teeth cleaning is done. Thus preventing them from getting cavities, which are common in young children, or any other early serious dental conditions.

When they become teenagers. Orthodontics is a common practice for dentists who treat children who are in their teen stages. This includes helping them with braces that help to straighten their teeth out if needed and align their mouths. Doing this at an early stage helps sort their teeth out quicker.

This is also the time when parents and young adults need to look after their teeth more and avoid sugary drinks, which are common amongst teenagers, or any carbonated drinks. Their diet and lifestyle are important at this stage.

Adults and Senior (65 years and over)

The final stages that family dentists treat are the adults and older people. Many adults who have a busy lifestyle, have a tendency of skipping their dentist’s visits on a regular basis and end up having to get serious dental procedures done as a result.

Oral care is an important aspect not just for kids but for grown-ups too. Once you approach the age of 35 years, your risk of periodontal diseases is higher, as are other issues like tooth decay and loss of teeth. Another major issue that many adults face is oral cancer.

Once you reach the age of 65, you have a set of whole other issues thrown in, due to the aging process. Things such as dry mouth, root decay, oral cancer, attrition and gum disease start to spring up. If however, you have always maintained good oral hygiene and practices such as brushing regularly, using mouthwash and dental floss daily, then these problems can be minimal to none.

It is fundamental as a parent to get your kids on the right track when they are still young, by practicing good oral care yourself, so they can learn from you and do so themselves. There is nothing more frustrating for parents than to continuously run back and forth from one dentist to another, this is why it is much more convenient for families to register with a family dentist so that it makes life easier and simpler for everyone, including the dentist.

Some family dental practices have been around for years and have been treating generations of families, so once you find the right one with the best professional and experienced practitioners, there is no need to look elsewhere.

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