Five characteristics of a quality basketball floor

by Phume Mdluli

While athletes at all levels looking to improve their game and continuously strive for glory, there needs to exist a conducive support system to get him there. One such crucial, but a fundamental, component is the flooring of basketball floors. The fans of the game probably couldn’t care less about the flooring and want to see their favorites perform all the time, but the coaches, managers of sports facilities, etc. know just how crucial a right flooring is.

And medical experts and doctors agree. They know the best that a quality basketball floor can reduce the chances of an injury significantly while at the same time also provide a great surface to play on. To get an idea about the kind of options, there are, see all basketball floors at

What is quality basketball flooring?

When you see all the basketball floors it might get confusing for you. There are a lot of options, and frankly, all of them are pretty good. The idea is to know the pros and cons of each, and that requires some research. However, you can keep the following tips in mind to know what constitutes a quality basketball floor before making the final decision-

1.   Shock absorption-

Shock absorption is an absolute essential in any sport. When it comes to basketball, the game stresses on the ankles and knees a lot. A good flooring would have sufficient shock absorption to avoid extra stress on these joints, reducing long-term injuries among athletes.

Accidental injuries on the court are often hard to prevent. You cannot prevent players from falling or running into each other, landing the wrong way from their jumps, etc. But, good flooring would help prevent injuries like this and preserve the body from suffering damages in the long run. A good flooring would be a boon for younger athletes. Do note that the shock absorption capacity of a material depends on the subflooring, more than the top layer.

2. Traction-

Simply put, too much or too little friction is terrible. Basketball is an ankle-shattering game. There are constant swift moves, cuts, and sudden bursts of acceleration followed by quick deceleration, all of which require a proper amount of traction. Quality flooring from trusted online sellers enables ease and safety of movement in all directions on the floor. Traction also depends on the maintenance of the flooring. So whatever option you choose to go for, make sure that you would be able to maintain it to keep its friction coefficient the same properly.

3.   Ball bounce-

A consistent ball bounce forms the very essence of the game of basketball. It is also called ball rebound. A quality floor would be quite responsive and produce an excellent ball rebound. The standard criteria for ball bounce dictate that the round height should be at the least 90%. If athletes are caught by an uneven bounce, it can disrupt the game’s flow and even lead to accidents and injuries in the game.

4.   Vertical deformation-

The complex-sounding term refers to the amount of giving, or the floor’s ability to adjust when a player falls on the floor or jumps. If the floor does not have the correct amount of giving, it would directly impact athletes’ performance and lead to more injuries on the surface. Vertical deformation also directly affects the stability of play on the court.

5.   Appearance-

Last but not least, when you look at basketball floors you also have to keep in mind the kind of appearance and finish you want for the basketball court. For example, hardwood, and especially maple wood is often the go-to option for the top layer of basketball floors. This is because the wood is lightly textured, bright, and almost perfect for painting lines and logos over the surface.


Several aspects make a basketball floor great. It needs to have strength, durability, flexibility, and so much more. If you are confused, have a look at the different basketball floors at, to get an idea of the options you have. Then, put in the time and learn about each kind’s different advantages before making a final purchase. Choose wisely; play well.

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