Why Some Diet Trends Are Plain Bad for You

by Phume Mdluli

Every time there’s a new diet fad in town, its loyalists and evangelists will sprout words of wisdom about its healthy and weight-loss benefits. It’s almost as if overnight, people have become nutritionists and doctors. They claim to know what your body needs. This is a false claim in every sense of the word “false” because the nutrition that our bodies need is so individualized. How can one diet work on all body types and health conditions?

If you want to take better care of yourself, you need to consult with MD Diet in Salt Lake City or their other branches. It is engineered to design a healthy and balanced program depending on your medical condition, goals, age, current weight, and lifestyle. It will take into consideration many of the things that these fad diets do not.

Are you still thinking of going on a keto diet or intermittent fasting? While they may work for some, it is prudent of you to study what you put in your body and what you deprive your body of.

Some Fad Diets Cause Stress

Fad diets are designed to stop you from eating certain food. The problem is that it can cause a lot of stress to the person who’s depriving themselves of eating food that is usually a part of their diet. This increases stress and anxiety around certain types of food that you cannot eat. Stress produces cortisol and serious health problems. Categorizing food as good and bad is never a good thing because it can cause eating disorders, sudden binge eating, and irritability.

Fad Diets Can Be Unhealthy

Many fad diets restrict the intake of carbohydrates, but they are the fuel that your body needs to function every day. The keto diet, for example, restricts eating carbohydrates, which pushes your body to produce ketones as a way to keep you alive and functioning. Ketones in the bloodstream are bad as they result in ketoacidosis, a life-threatening condition.

This particular diet fad also allows for the consumption of food high in saturated fat. This can lead to heart disease. It may also lead to nutrient deficiency and constipation as keto is low in fibrous food.

Eating Disorders Can Result from These Diet Trends

Have you heard about cleansing diet? This type of diet—also called a detox diet—will only allow you to consume fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, and water at certain times of the day. For most of the day, you’ll be fasting as a way to “cleanse” your liver and kidney. Here’s the catch: If your body is functioning normally, your liver and kidney should be cleansing it off already. There’s no need for cleansing diets because these might lead to an eating disorder.

Instead of following these diet trends, why don’t you follow a healthy and balanced diet? Eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, and even caffeine will keep you healthy, less irritable, and less stressed. Categorizing food as bad and good is such a stressful way to live your life. You could spend the energy you put into following a diet fad into strengthening relationships and pursuing your passions. Following diet trends tend to put people in an irritable mood, which affects their relationships.

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