Blue Black Hair Ideas You Should Try This Year

by James Barret
Blue Black Hair Ideas You Should Try This Year

Many girls want to attract attention wherever they go with the help of a unique hair colouring. Just recently, some vibrant hair shades such as pink, turquoise, and lavender have been trending, but nowadays, vibrant and rich hues are at the peak and the talk of the town. Do you want to be among these gorgeous ladies with bold hair colours? Blue black hair is the way to go.

Black and blue hair are almost ideal for everyone, regardless of skin complexion or age. However, it rocks ladies excellently with dark skin and dark eyes. If you don’t care about experiencing a dramatic change of your appearances, as well as attracting the attention of passers-by, then you should experiment with blue hair. It is a number one choice for girls who love the sporty style, informal and denim. Here is a fantastic article to read for more about blue and black hair.

1. Dark Blue Black Hair Shades.

This is, without a doubt, a loyal colour that you will not think twice whether to rock it or not when you see it for the first time. Deep black blue locks shine wonderfully when exposed on the sunlight. Another thing is that this luxurious colour looks great on both girls with fair skin complexion and those with dark skin as well.

2. Cool Black and Blue Hair.

Are you a bold and energetic woman? Do you leave an active and professional life and you would like to stand out from others? Then cool black and blue hair are just what you have been looking for, and it is here.

Blue hair shade looks great on both medium and short hairstyles; voluminous curls, layered hairstyles, wavy bobs, straight hair, etc. the choice is absolutely yours. To choose the best look for you, choose different black and blue pictures and take them to your stylist so that she understands the variation that you need.

3. Amazing Black and Blue.

If you have always thought about trying blue black hair, but you never dared because you thought it would look too daring, or you were afraid of damaging your locks, or maybe you were a little bit skeptical on how your boss would react when he sees you with blue hair, then the solution is here. Give a shot to dark and blue African strands.

Black and blue braids with extension allow you to rock blue colour without shading your locks and that leaves your hair in good conditions. Besides, braids are comfortable to wear and also to maintain. You will not have to spend some minutes every morning in front of the mirror, combing, and styling.

4. Varying Shades of Blue-Black Hair.

Blue colour exists in varying shades. However, there are no specific rules on how you should select your blue. Blue black colour is bold and unique shade. However, some of the characteristic colour variations of blue include turquoise, deep midnight blue hue, and dark gray-blue hue. The last one is ideal for women with fair skin and blue eyes.

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