Finding a Unique Career in Medicine

by James Barret

When you think of a career in the medical field, you probably think about the popular jobs like doctors, nurses and surgeons. However, there are tons of different medical careers out there. You can learn about the various fields of medical sciences, on this website:

If you’re looking for a unique career in medicine, check out some of these great ideas.

Holistic Nutrition

In many ways, a holistic nutritionist is like a standard dietician. However, the main difference is that a holistic nutritionist focuses on the entirety of a person’s health, including things like emotional and mental wellbeing. This includes things like getting enough sunshine, drinking lots of clean water, relaxing and maintaining a comfortable temperature.

If you want to be a holistic nutritionist, the first step is taking holistic health courses. After that, you will become a board-certified nutritionist.

Medical Filmmaker

There’s always need for films in the medical industry, from animations that illustrate what’s going on inside the body to footage and diagrams of procedures. These medical films may be used in schools or to show patients how a particular procedure works.

If you’re not so into the film side of things but enjoy art and medicine, you can also be a medical illustrator. This is essentially the same position but you’re creating images of medical procedures instead.


Tissue samples are fairly common in the medical industry, but have you ever wondered how that tissue sample is tested? Well, the first step is sending the tissue to a cytotechnologist. Cytotechnologists work in the lab to determine whether or not each tissue sample tests positive for certain diseases. Not only does this job pay pretty well, you also get to use cool science equipment like microscopes to get extremely in-depth looks at the tissue samples.

Getting Started

Whether you want to start taking holistic health courses or learn how to create medical animations, the best thing you can do for yourself is get started. Some careers in the medical field involve a long path, and the sooner you get started the sooner you can enjoy that career. If you’re still not quite sure which direction you want to go, you can find tons of information online about different medical careers. Reading about some of your options can help you figure out whether a particular career is right for you.

Are you looking for a cool career in the medical field? The good news is, there are a lot to choose from. Whether you want to work in the lab or help people improve their general health, there are tons of satisfying and creative ways to get a foot in the door of the medical industry.

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