How a New Exhaust Will Boost Your Car’s Performance

by James Barret
Car's Performance

You may think there is no reason to replace your car’s exhaust system, since it seems to be running just fine and that is a valid point, in a way. However, you might want to think about improving your car’s performance, in which case your exhaust system is probably the first thing that needs replacing. Once you buy a car, there aren’t many things you can to do improve its performance and most of the maintenance is focused on keeping the car running for as long as possible. You can learn about the factors that greatly impact the performance of your vehicle, on this website:

Still, some tips and tricks can help you actually achieve better performance without having to buy a new car or install a new engine. The car’s exhaust system is one of the things that should definitely be considered when it comes to upgrading your car and here are some very good reasons for that.

Boosting the engine’s function

A quality exhaust system is vital when it comes to engine function, which means that by upgrading your car’s exhaust system, you can’t improve your car’s performance. Namely, the exhaust system allows the engine to “breathe”. Improving this function translates into improving just about everything about the engine’s performance: its torque, horsepower and noise. The easier it is for air to flow in and out of the engine, the better use of engine’s power is achieved. So, if you install one of aftermarket performance exhausts, you’ll be able to free some of the power in your engine.

On the other hand, a clogged or old exhaust system can cost you a lot to repair and can lead to many other problems. The engine has to work harder to push air in and out of each chamber, which takes its toll eventually. Think of your car as a human body. If we can breathe better, we can perform all other functions much more easily.

Better image and value

Modern exhaust systems boast sleek design, apart from providing your car with better overall performance, which is why having them instead of old systems is always a good idea. The great look and sound of a high-performance exhaust system will definitely make many heads to turn. Just think about the difference between a market exhaust and one with dual exhaust, side-exit exhaust or chrome tips! The new systems simply look outstanding and show a touch of class and luxury and when you add the sound of a new muffler, you’ll see how the image of your car is improved instantly.

This new image will also increase the resale value of your car, which is important when the time comes for you to replace your old car. Since the newer systems are built to last and usually made of stainless steel that never rusts, so you won’t have to invest in the exhaust system ever again.

Making your car and lifestyle greener

Whatever we do to reduce energy consumption is great for our planet. Since older exhaust systems are less fuel-efficient, the chemicals in outdated exhaust systems are one of the biggest contributors to atmospheric gases involved in climate change. So, replacing your old exhaust system will also make your car much more eco-friendly. Not only do we protect our planet when our cars consume less fuel, but we also save some money. The longer a tank of fuel lasts, the happier you’ll be and you’ll be also be doing the planet a favour. This means that a new exhaust system should be seen as an investment that will definitely pay off. Of course, the more your drive, the sooner you’ll see your investment start saving you money.

What improvement are we talking about?

Depending on the car you drive and your exhaust system or muffler, the increase in your car’s performance will be about three percent. This is an equivalent amount of extra speed or reduced fuel consumption. You may think this is not much, but it surely adds up over time and if you drive your car every day, it can surely make a difference. Typically, smaller cars benefit more. A typical four-cylinder engine must work harder than a larger car to push the exhaust through the standard restrictive exhaust. A less-restrictive muffler can boost the engine’s performance by as much as 5-10 percent.

As you can see, there are some very good reasons why you should consider upgrading your car’s exhaust system. Not only because of financial reasons, but also because you’ll be able to enjoy a better overall performance of your car and you’ll also be helping the planet by consuming less energy.

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