Is Learning Driving In Your Thirties Difficult? The Challenges And Perks Attached To It!

by Phume Mdluli
Learning Driving

You often hear driving tests are passed at the age of either eighteen or during the twenties. But what if you were too busy building your career or raising your family all these years and didn’t have the time to learn driving? And it’s finally your thirtieth birthday or you have experienced some more springs of life, then do you think you can still learn driving without much ado? Is it possible for you to be a pro in driving now?

The challenges and the perks of learning to drive during your thirties!

They say there’s no age for knowledge! You can start fresh whenever you like, and age can only be a number then. But is this belief true? Does it work in practical life? Let’s weigh the possibilities by the pointers listed below and see if you can still learn driving (or not!):

o The fear of experimenting — It’s often seen that younger people are ready for risks and don’t think twice before taking the car out and driving when they are in their teens or early twenties. When you cross your thirties, you tend to enter a comfort zone and it becomes difficult to accept anything new and experiment. This is the main challenge you feel when you think of learning to drive in your thirties.

o Since you are older, you view things practically — This is the perk of learning to drive during your thirties. As you grow older, you know the practical reasons behind avoiding over-speeding and drinking while driving. This actually makes you a better driver. Also, you even learn easily all the nuances of driving via driving lessons in Coventry, Just Pass Driving Academy have very experienced and expert teachers who can provide proper training to you regardless of your age and you turn out to be confident and accomplished behind the wheel. You can learn about the impact of age on the pick power of a person, on this website:

o You are used to being the partner — If you weren’t driving until now, then it proves that you were mostly in the passenger’s seat until now. This means you will have to shed the inhibition and finally grab the seat you wanted for so long. This is sometimes a huge step to take morally which is often very challenging.

o You pass the driving tests easily — As you grow older, you consider safety and practicality more important than anything else. This helps you a lot during your driving test. If we believe the research, drivers of older age passed the driving tests with better results and in the least number of attempts as compared to the younger ones.

o The awkward feeling — Another challenge for drivers above thirty years – mental block! It often blocks you from learning to drive because you are more concerned about the fact that what people will say if they find you learning in your thirties. Though we know that this is an unnecessary feeling, it has proved a huge barrier.

o You are better drivers — If you learn to drive in your thirties, then you are bound to be better drivers than the younger ones. Since you are more mature now, you’ll be a responsible driver and be wise and not rash; this is the biggest perk of learning to drive at an older age. Road Rage is comparatively controlled as you mature, this ensures that you become a safe driver.

So, now that we have weighed both the challenges and perks of learning to drive in your thirties, it proves that the chances of good and bad results of driving at this stage stay equal. That means, you shouldn’t back off from learning because of your age and let anything stop you from being a pro behind the wheels.

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