Quick Hacks To Fix Your Car’s Sagging Headliner Easily!

by Phume Mdluli
Car’s Sagging

On a normal day, we don’t take a second look at our car’s ceiling. But imagine if it sags and resembles baggy pants ready to come out any time? We are sure you’d be staring at it for hours wondering what to do next. You can start listing the problems that it may cause now. Firstly, ruining your hairstyle. Secondly, irritating you each time you get in and out of the car. And thirdly (and most dangerously!), suddenly coming on you and blocking the view in front of you, causing a huge accident. You can learn about the cost-effective methods to take care of your vehicle by yourself, on this website: https://mobil-hondapromo.com

Best money and time saving hacks to repair a sagging car headliner!

Now that the damage is done, it isn’t wise to look into the causes of it. But just to fill in your curiosity we can inform you that it might have happened because of the extreme sun drying up your glue and causing the headliner to sag slowly. Now if you want to try some cool hacks to repair it that saves your time and money, then try the ones listed below:

o   Stick it with glue — Just like you can stick your paper with glue, even a sagging headliner can be stuck back to its place with glue. But hey, don’t snatch that child’s origami glue for it. You’ll require a good one that’s especially used for such tough materials and is super tough and quick to stick. Just take this glue, use it generously, and clasp the liner back tightly (You can use a cardboard to add some pressure during the procedure).

o   Nail it back to its place — Apart from glueing, even nailing it back to its place does the magic. You can push the headliner back to its place and nail it firmly in the corners.  Now for some years it won’t budge from its rightful position.

o   Staples and hair spray hack — It’s a unique hack and very rarely used — but yes, its works absolutely fine to put the sagging headliner back to its place. Just staple the headliner like you staple a paper (but don’t use the regular paper stapler, you get a bigger one meant for handyman tricks!) and then spray hairspray on it. You can remove the pins when the area is dry again.

o   Steam clean and roll it — Use some steam cleaning procedure to melt the glue and moisturise it. Later you can use the paint roller to stick it firmly back to its place.

o   Even double sided tape works — When you need a temporary solution for your sagging headliner, use double sided tapes to secure it back to its place. But of course, it won’t last longer than a few days or weeks.

o   Call the experts for an instant headliner repair — Sydney Car Roof Linings provides sagging headliner repair at any time and that too instantly. Just call them when you notice the issue is budding or even when the damage is done, they’ll do the needful in the best way possible.

These super cool hacks come very handy when you find your car’s headliner sagging. But do ensure that you are following the exact instructions given above for the best results.

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