What Should I Do If My Bike Insurance Premium Is Due For A Year?

by Phume Mdluli
Bike Insurance

Your bike insurance policy is just about to expire. Or you might have neglected to do it on time, because of which your policy has now lapsed. These may be the reason why you urgently need to purchase or renew your bike insurance.

Having a valid bike insurance is a mandate for all bike owners. But, if you forget to renew your bike insurance on time, then read on to understand how you can renew your policy.

There are two ways to renew the lapsed policy. Online and offline options are available for renewing bike insurance policies. Comparing the conventional offline approach to the online one, the online one is considerably quicker and simpler to complete.

Online renewal of expired bike insurance policy

To renew your bike insurance coverage, you may either speak with your insurance agent or visit the insurance provider’s website or mobile app. The steps to renew your bike insurance online are as follows:

  • Step 1:Visit your insurance provider’s website or download their mobile app
  • Step 2:To view your insurance, enter a few pieces of information, such as the policy number and birthdate
  • Step 3: Pay the renewal fee and finish the bike renewal process

You can also learn how to claim insurance for bike from the insurer’s website or app.

Offline renewal of expired bike insurance policy

People who are not very comfortable with making transactions on internet-enabled gadgets like laptops or cell phones use the offline mode of renewal.

Due to the number of documents required, renewing bike insurance offline can take a long time. The policyholder must first apply for bike insurance renewal with the necessary paperwork. The insurance can then request that the bike be inspected. You will receive the policy in the mail in a few days if the inspection is approved and the insurance provider agrees to cover your bike. It should be noted that you should only ride the bike once you get your bike insurance policy.

Due to operational expenses and fees, purchasing or renewing bike insurance offline can be more expensive than doing it online.

Purchase/Renew bike insurance

The distinction between renewing your insurance policy and purchasing a bike insurance policy is that the former occurs before your coverage has expired or lapsed, whilst the latter occurs after it has. Insurance providers typically offer a grace period, typically 30 days, during which you must renew the policy. In addition, the NCB benefit is only good for 90 days before it expires.

The fact that any claim submitted after the expiration date is denied is one of the main reasons why you should pay the bike insurance premium and renew your bike insurance on time.

* Standard T&C apply


You can purchase or renew your expired bike insurance policy both online and offline – whatever suits you. Remember that you could have to forgo some benefits, such as the No Claim Bonus (NCB), if not renewed on time. Check your insurance provider’s T&Cs before renewing your lapsed bike insurance policy.

The topic of the solicitation is insurance. Please carefully read the sales brochure/policy wording before closing a deal for more information on advantages, restrictions, limitations, terms, and conditions.

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