How Effective Are Herbal Remedies?

by James Barret
Herbal Remedies

It is quite ironic how in this advanced age of medicine, people have a major relapse of herbal remedies. Or maybe, herbal remedies never really left our saddle. So, let’s find out what is all the hype about herbal medicines and remedies.

Common Health Issues

As you grow out of childhood, you discover how headaches and exhaustion become more and more frequent. Your mere ability to get you through depends entirely on stimulative medicine and diets. Regardless of how good a healthy diet is, regular use of pharmaceutical medicine does put you at a disadvantage of various side effects.

A common side effect is building up a dependence or tolerance to the medicine. And when that happens, not only does the frequency of your general health issues increase. But they also become more difficult to suppress.

And this is where herbal medicine steps in. Not to undermine the usefulness of modern treatments and medicine for chronic diseases, but herbs offer remedies to more common ailments as flu, cold, sore throat nausea, exhaustion, tiredness, etc.

If both offer the same solution, you may be thinking how come one is better over the other. Well, is the point of zero side effects and health risks enough to tempt you? Because yes, herbal medicine comes with negligible side effects and can easily be part of your daily intake and diet.

Here are some of the daily health issues you face and how you can substitute herbs to cure them.

Flu, Cold, and Sore Throat

These three pretty much sum up 90% of our health stress. Every time the breeze changes and you don’t know whether to fetch your jacket on your walkout or not, you always have an underlying worry of catching a cold. You can learn about the herbal treatments and remedies that are being used for hundreds of years, on this website:

And what amazes me is how these three works in harmony, you catch one, and the others follow soon enough. But do not mistake them for mild health issues, they can slam you on your bed, and it might take days to get up.

Generally, a seasonal flu shot or a couple of antibiotics for fever works wonders. But would you go another way that would instantly ease up the congestion and irritation?

The time-tested and age-old remedies for cold include plain black tea. And did you know tea without milk was actually used as a form of medication in China?

For the flu, the easiest way to ease nasal congestion is to fetch a few mint crystals and boil them in water. After that, put a towel over your head and inhale the steam deeply. Not only does it ease up your nasal congestion, but it also gives you a therapeutic feel.

For sore throat, nothing works better than a pinch of black pepper mixed with honey. Dip the tip of your finger in the mixture and swallow it slowly. It works wonders!

Body Aches And Irritation

Nothing gets worse than a variety of body aches after a long day’s work. Whether it is headache, backache, or neckache, it intervenes with your rest and sleep. Now, this surely does call for aspirin, does it not?

Yes, but you can take the herbal way out here as well. Coming back to tea, Chamomile is FDA approved and backed by various studies to cure anxiety, pain and induce relaxation. However, it may amplify the drowsiness from any medicine you might be taking. But what would feel better than a hot cup of tea at the end of a day that cures body aches and puts you to sleep?

If that doesn’t click to you and you need a more rapid remedy, then Gold Bali Kratom might be just what you’re looking from. Native to the South Asian terrains, Kratom packs a variety of properties. Some strains are known best for their sedative properties, while others are rather stimulative.

This one will definitely rid you of any body aches and put you into a deep slumber. Just what you were looking for, right?

Exhaustion And Tiredness

We normally think we’re exhausted because of overworking ourselves. And that isn’t false entirely, overworking does use up all your energy, and you feel drained. But this doesn’t happen that often. The reason why we feel exhausted in routine is because of a lack of nutrition or sleep.

Although the best way to deal with such a situation is to either consult a doctor to make sure you don’t have any underlying condition. Or, you can fulfill the shortcomings of your diet and sleep. But I know not many of us can do that so easily because of work or studies.

However, there is a solution for this one, the world of herbs as well. The red Riau kratom strain is potent, mostly in stimulative properties. It is commonly used by native people to improve their performance at work. So, you, too, can adjust it somewhere along your diet to match your energy needs.

Echinacea provides a good solution to exhaustion as well. It does so by improving your metabolism and circulation to not miss out on meals so often.

Learn more about the herbal and non-antibiotic medicines, on this website:

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