Meet the 5 best racing watches

by Phume Mdluli

Technology can be a great ally in improving your training performance. To set ever bolder goals, and to follow training closely, is nothing better than a good running watch. With full equipment, the best running watches bring useful metrics such as distance traveled, number of strides, average speed, heart rate, GPS, training software, among other features. To be honest, you can find many “luxury watches” that have been equipped with some of these features. You can easily find them at But for serious and routine use, this article will discuss a number of watches that are specifically devoted to racing.

What are the best racing watches?

Since racing watch prices generally reach over $ 1,500, you need to choose the model that best fits your current stage. After all, there are more affordable gadgets for those just starting to train now and also the most complete and expensive gadgets for more experienced runners!

Are you interested? Then meet five watches that are among the best for street racing!

  1. Spartan Ultra

    Finnish brand Suunto, this watch was the main launch last year. Aimed at sports enthusiasts, it is used by practicing athletes from 80 sports. The model comes with software installed for all activities on this list and even has a battery with autonomy of 26 hours, in the most accurate mode of GPS. Much higher autonomy than competitors. Innovatively designed, the display is all colored with custom graphics to enhance understanding of performances. In addition, the brightness of the screen varies with the lighting of the place you are running.

  2. Garmin Forerunner 630

    It is a model focused exclusively on the practice of running. One of the differentials is the touch screen, in order to facilitate screen switching during training. It also features the HRM-RUN strap for measuring all race details. It has a good value for those who are passionate about racing and excels in the activity due to the technological resources.

  3. Garmin Fenix ​​3 HR

    The heart rate sensor is the great feeling of this model, as the device is integrated with the watch and the reading is taken directly from the wrist, without the need for a chest strap. Thus, monitoring can be done throughout the day, and it is possible to observe the 24-hour chart – a differential compared to other models. It also has all the latest functions present in the best running watches, such as cadence, stride length, vertical oscillation and ground contact time.

  4. Suunto Ambit 2 S

    With 50 pre-configured applications, this model comes with integrated GPS and has all the modern features for runners such as distance, stride and speed measurement. It can also be used by cycling and swimming practitioners. It has many colors in the design and is not behind competitors, with one advantage: the price is much lower.

  5. Tom Tom Multisport Cardio

    Like Garmin’s Fenix ​​3 HR, this model dispenses with the chest strap for heart rate measurement. This is because it comes with an optical sensor built into the watch. What’s more, it has a wide screen, over 20 hour battery life and similar features from competitors.
    After choosing the ideal model – the best racing watch for your profile – it is important to note at the time of purchase whether handling is easy and whether the product comes with a warranty. If you choose to shop online, search the reputation of the store or seller on the Internet and ask for a friend or training colleague. What’s more, explore all the technological features of your watch and transform your workouts for real, improving performance every day! In addition to a good watch, you also need to have a good coach for you to evolve more and more in your workouts.

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