The Beauty and Mystery of Skull Bracelets for Men and Women

by James Barret
The Beauty and Mystery of Skull Bracelets for Men and Women

Skull bracelets are timeless pieces of jewelry. If not on the covers of fashion magazines, they have always been around – on the wrists of avid bikers or Goths. This year, these bracelets are back to mainstream fashion with vengeance. From fashion influencers and Instagram celebs to A-listers, everyone seems to be wearing wrist jewelry with skulls.

Skulls encapsulate so many meanings that you can’t even imagine. At times, they signify totally opposite things – mortality and eternal life, for instance. Maybe this is the reason why this symbol is so mysterious and captivating for many individuals. Among other meanings people gave it throughout the centuries, are chaos, power, spirit, wisdom, bravery, and many others. The beauty of that skull is that you can utilize it with any purpose – to show how cool and fearless you are, to pay tribute to late friends and family, to intimidate the enemies, etc. You can even give it a unique significance that nobody will know about. One thing is for sure – today, a skull is a daring accessory that shows that you are no stranger to high fashion and current trends.

Skull Bracelets – Awe-Inspiring Accents for Men

No matter how old you are and what you do, skulls bracelets found at are must-have items for your jewelry collection. With its help, your machismo and masculinity will go through the roof. These bold accents can turn even the most boring ensemble into a fashionable outfit. A simple t-shirt and jeans have never been more attractive than when being accompanied by a cool-looking skull accessory.

Although a skull emits the vibes of danger, it is so beguiling that no woman can resist it. Seeing this bold statement on your wrist, ladies would crave to solve your mystery, get to know you better, find out what other surprises you hide. Long story short, kickass accessories are a magnet for chicks. This reason alone is enough to shell out for a nice skull bracelet.

If you are still not convinced, here are a few more arguments. First of all, skulls don’t really go out of fashion. A single bracelet will be able to adorn your wrist for years without losing its relevance. Secondly, you will gain respect among other males because it takes a great deal of courage to pull this risqué accessory off. Finally, skull accessories are ideal for men’s fashion. They tend to co-exist in harmony with any apparel a guy would sport, from a t-shirt to an upscale suit. Yeah, you can rock skull accessories even with elegant business attire… of course, if you know how to team them up in the right way.

Skull Bracelets for Ladies

Although skulls are synonyms of masculinity and, therefore, they suit men, ladies can discover the power and beauty of these off-beat symbols, too. There is a small but important difference between skull bracelets for men and women. Whereas men incline to straightforward accessories without excessive ornamentation, girls prefer their jewelry to feature all sorts of inlays, finishing, and decorative elements. A skull with ruby eyes – no problem! A skull with hearts and roses – as you wish!

Due to the passion for artistic and sophisticated items, ladies have a thing for sugar skulls. Of course, these skulls are not sweet and not even eatable but they have really originated from sweets shaped like skulls and embellished with colorful frosting. Theses skulled cookies looked so neat that eventually, they inspired jewelers who translated their iconic look into fabulous jewelry. Now sugar skulls are made of precious metals, they carry intricate swirly and floral patterns; they sparkle with colorful gems or sport color-reflecting enamel. Hands down, no woman will refuse from such artistic and appealing accessory.

The Wealth of Materials

When picking a skull bracelet for your needs, you won’t suffer from a scarce selection. These accessories go in every possible size, shape, material, and color. As for materials, the most popular choice is silver. This cheap and cheerful metal is easy to maintain, it is pliable enough to bring any designer’s idea to life, and it boasts a noble appearance. Besides, it is a favorite metal for Goths and followers of other unconventional subcultures since it resembles the moon, darkness, and mystery. Trendy skull accessories can also be constructed from stainless steel, brass, bronze, and other inexpensive metals while up-scale items may be molded from gold and platinum.

Besides metals, skull bracelets often feature such materials as precious and semi-precious stones, leather, velvet, hemp, etc. With the latest trend featuring natural materials, it is popular to combine hemp ropes and metal, stone, or ivory skull charms. Rockers and bikers appreciate wide leather bracelets with skull-shaped studs. Fashionistas prefer items made of a few leather strips braided together into a rope and adorned with Pandora-style skull beads.

No matter which style you incline to, it is a no-bother to unearth a spot-on skull bracelet.

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