Why you Should File Elmiron Lawsuit

by James Barret

Elmiron is a medication with FDA approval for combating Cystitis. This is a bladder problem that causes pain in the lower part of the abdomen. Also, the victim has a frequent urge to urinate. It is also referred to as bladder pain syndrome. However, the drug has adverse side effects such as low vision which can later lead to blindness.

According to an investigation carried out, a high percentage of people who have used Elmiron developed vision loss. This is a violation of human rights given that Elmiron has not identified vision loss as one of the drug’s side effects. As a result, consumers of the drug who suffer vision loss can file the Elmiron lawsuit. This lawsuit is filed against Johnson and Johnson Elmiron medication. (Bladder drug causing blindness or low vision).

The manufacturer should be charged for subjecting patients to serious health risks without their knowledge. But all is not lost since you can file the Elmiron lawsuit. Get Elmiron vision loss lawyer to help get c compensated for your predicaments.

Who is eligible for Elmiron Lawsuit?

Today, Elmiron lawsuits are now accepted in the United States. People who are eligible for the Lawsuit are those who developed maculopathy symptoms, vision complications, or eye disorders after using the drug. Maculopathy is macular degeneration. Symptoms related to the drug include;

Vision loss or impairment, low dark light vision, bilateral or unilateral blindness, retinopathy, and macular dystrophy. You don’t have to develop all these symptoms to file for the Elmiron lawsuit. Even if it is just one of the symptoms, you can file your claim against the manufacturer. So, if you are one of the victims, you need a skilled attorney to help you with the lawsuit.

Why You Need Help with your Elmiron Lawsuit

v/-If you have any of the symptoms related to Elmiron medication, you need a professional lawyer to help you with the claim. An attorney will optimize the success of the claim thanks to their top-notch legal knowledge. Your Elmiron vision loss lawyer will work with you to attain the following;

  • Compensation to settle your medical treatments; you will be compensated for the pain and suffering caused. This includes both mental and physical pain as a result of impaired vision.
  • Loss of wages; due to vision loss, takes a different dimension. You may not be able to continue with your daily activities. As a result, you may have difficulties meeting your needs. Therefore, you deserve compensation for the same.
  • Failure to enjoy life as before. With partial or complete blindness, it’s impossible to assume your normal life. For instance, if you love partying, that could be the end of it. Also, you will no longer have your privacy since you need someone to lead you or help you in the house. Your lawyer will make sure you are compensated for the interruption caused in your life.

You can contact a lawyer today to help evaluate your case to determine if you are eligible for the Elmiron lawsuit. If at all you qualify, they will proceed to file the claim. The attorney will advise you to seek further medical attention and help you to gather proof to confirm your personal injury claim. Also, if you are still on Elmiron medication, you should stop using it right away. To win an Elmiron Lawsuit, you need someone conversant with a civil lawsuit. This is why you should contact a personal injury lawyer right away.

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