Selling car warranty insurance is not as easy as you may think

by Phume Mdluli

Cars have become more reliable than ever before. This is a claim that any car manufacturer can make, especially the renowned brands that have demonstrated its reliability for years. Consider selling car warranty insurance to customers against this backdrop and you would realise that the job is not as easy as you think. It is true that car warranties are much sought after but for extended warranties, things could be slightly different. You can learn about the insurance policies and their regulations, on this website:

Extended warranties come into effect after the expiry of the manufacturer’s standard warranty that can be between 3 to 5 years. The long period of warranty that manufacturers offer gives an indication about the reliability of performance of the vehicles and this makes the job of selling extended warranties quite tough. People start thinking whether it is worth to spend on extended warranty for such reliable cars.

Cars can breakdown

The most difficult thing for a salesman selling extended car warranties is to convince customers about the possibilities of breakdown even for the most reliable brands of car. Even if you have not experienced a single breakdown during the manufacturer’s warranty period there cannot be any certainty that post warranty the same trend will continue. After all, cars are machines that follow the normal rule of wear and tear and failures are bound to happen after you have used it for a few years.

Spares have to be replaced and not repaired

Extended Car Warranty Supplier Click4warranty told us that car users only highlight the reliability of brands when considering whether or not to buy auto insurance. But little do they know how this reliability has been achieved. Advanced technology has added to the reliability but brought changes to spare parts also that have become much more complex. Spare parts that could be repaired earlier cannot be done any more. When a spare part of the car gives away, there is no other way but to replace it. And this is the time when you start thinking of extended car warranty that gives you the assurance of availability of genuine spares.

Ageing of cars lowers reliability

The no failure reliability of cars which is the most difficult point to overcome for car warranty salesmen loses its intensity as the car ages and the manufacturer’s warranty expires. The comfort that car owners enjoyed during the warranty ceases at the end of the manufacturer’s warranty and the fact that the car has grown old suddenly exposes car owners to uncertainties that make them uncomfortable in driving a car without any warranty. This can be capitalised by the salesman to convince buyers.

Cars have to be taken care of

Reliable brands do not mean that you need not care for your car at all. Care is necessary and the manufacturer takes complete responsibility of all car repairs that you might encounter during the warranty. But this also establishes the fact that you need someone to give you the same support after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

This is what you get from extended car warranty and can it be the unique selling point for salesmen.

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