Things to Remember While Buying a used ford escape

by Phume Mdluli

Ford Escape is a compact crossover that is manufactured and sold by Ford. It was introduced in the market in the year 2000, and it has been two decades since the car is getting sold in the market. This car is also known as Ford Kuga in some countries. This car comes in the category of 5-door SUVs. The predecessor of this car was known as Ford Maverick, and the successor of this car was named Ford Territory in South America. You can learn about different types of vehicles that are launched by worldwide famous auto manufacturers, on this website:

As the car is available in the market for two decades now. Therefore used versions of these cars are also being sold in the market. People who are unable to buy a new vehicle prefer purchasing an old one. By purchasing a used ford escape, they fulfill their desire of driving this car. But there are some things that the buyer must keep in mind before buying a used car:

Get the Car Checked

Before buying a used car, the buyer must hire a trusted mechanic to inspect the car to identify any problems that are present in the car. If the mechanic finds out some faults in the car, then the buyer must inform that to the owner of the car so that he/she can fix it before selling it to the buyer. The buyer must go on a test drive with his/her mechanic to give the mechanic an idea of how the car is running and then take insights from him regarding the car’s smoothness and condition.

Check the Documents

The buyer must check all the documents which are associated with the used ford escape before making the purchase. The documents that are required to be checked are as follows:

  • Insurance papers – This document will give the buyer an idea of whether the vehicle has been into an accident or not since it was purchased.
  • Registration paper – Make sure to match the chassis and engine number mentioned in the registration paper with the numbers given in the vehicle. Also, check the registration paper to find out whether the car is under any kind of debt.

Not checking the above documents properly can lead the buyer to get into a fraud deal with the owner of the car.

Transfer the Name in the Registration Certificate

The buyer must apply for a new registration certificate for the car with his/her name as the owner before buying the car. This is applied with the consent of the actual owner of the car. Without his/her consent, you cannot apply for a change in ownership. Thus, by the time the buyer has purchased the car, he/she will receive the new registration certificate of the car.


A person should remember to check all the above points before purchasing a used ford escape. This will prevent him/her from being cheated by the owner of the car. After reviewing all the above points, the buyer can be confident that he/she is buying a genuine product.

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