Ideal Car Rental Options for Your Weekend

by James Barret
Car Rental

Weekends are some of the best times to go for long-distance road trips because you most likely will not be working. Some of those trips will involve driving in hilly, rocky, and rough terrain or on off-road conditions. Such journeys will call for Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and not your ordinary car. That can mean having to rent a luxury SUV from a rental car company. You can learn about the vehicle rental services and their rules, on this website:

Car rental companies can give great offers on weekend rentals, but you need to be aware of the conditions that come with such offers. You stand to get a lot out of your weekend rental deals if you have some knowledge about rental car logic.

Some things that you should know that can enable you to get great deals on weekend rentals include:

Pick the rental car as early as possible on Thursday afternoon

While many renters think of the weekend as Saturday going to Sunday, most rental companies say that the weekend starts on Thursday afternoon and ends on Monday. If you collect a car on Thursday morning, then you will not qualify for the weekend offer.

Do not return the car before three days

Most rental companies, even those with no defined weekend rates, give out coupons that apply only for weekend rentals. It is common to have coupons offering discounts or a free day if the rental lasts for three billing days. As such, a three-day rental will be cheaper than a two-day rental with the same pick-up time. So, the secret is to keep the car for three days, say Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday.

Some great car models for weekend rentals

The following are some of the best cars you can rent for your weekend:

Bentley Bentayga SUV

This car brings a class of its kind to the table since it is from an auto manufacturer with a long history of excellence under their belt. You will get the elegance of classic British exotic vehicle design. The comfort while riding it is unmatched, and once on the highway, it is a mile-devouring speedster and has unimaginable turning ability. Even for events such as weddings, photo or video shooting, or any other activity you would like to do on a weekend, this car is a perfect addition.

You can conveniently get the Bentley Bentayga SUV or other luxury vehicles such as Maseratis for rental from Milani Rental Company. What’s more is that they have several delivery options to ensure that you get your luxury car with no hassle. You can also go to pick it up yourself since driving this machine will not be hard for you if you have already acquired driving skills.

Maserati Ghibli

Do you want to make a grand appearance at an event? Well, get a Maserati Ghibli since all who will see you in it will know that you have the confidence and big bucks to ride in such a luxury car. The Maserati brand has a reputation of many years of excellent quality, giving its elite rivals–Ferrari and Lamborghini–a run for their money. It is also a powerful car, and even if you aren’t well-versed with vehicle, you will feel something different about its turbo-charged cylinder bank, twin-intercooler, and direct-injection chambers. It is a very safe and comfortable ride that will give you value for each dollar you pay to rent it.


You can get great options for your weekend rentals besides the two discussed above. Other options include Rolls Royce Wraith, Lamborghini Aventador, and Ferrari 458 Spider, among others. It is possible to get great deals, especially if you are a loyal and consistent client and learn the unknown hacks when it comes to car rentals.

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